Spook Lights

- a collection of southern gothic horror.

These are stories where the setting itself becomes a character-fog laced cemeteries, sulfur rich marshes-housing creatures that defy understanding and where the grotesque and macabre are celebrated.

The true horror is in what you can’t see…until it’s sitting right next to you.

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Spook Lights II

- a collection of southern gothic horror.

Y’all gather round for thirteen more tales of Southern Gothic horror. This is Gothic horror Southern style-shadowy rice fields, creatures that assume humanity at will-where even the most damaged and delicate have their power.

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- a dark fantasy/sci-fi novella
The dead are kept in chambers, their energy used to feed the City's voracious appetite for power.

This grisly fuel is watched over by Feast, a devil-human hybrid whose run-ins with the City may make him the next power source.

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Life is different among the dead.
Containment 2: Unleashed

- a dark fantasy/sci-fi novella
The demands of being the Director of Spectral Acquisitions are weighing heavily on devil-human hybrid, Feast as he’s trying to learn the ropes of his new position. Strange creatures are in pursuit of him, ready to separate his two halves. And on top of that, Agent Seela is showing some interest in him-on a personal level.

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Anthologies & Short Works

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"Shine, Blackberry Wine"
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"Soupie's Lover"
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"Crickets Sing For Naomi"
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"Graverobbing Negress Seeks Employment"
                    in FIYAH Literary Magazine

"Sweetgrass Blood"
                    in Sycorax's Daughters - Cedar Grove Publishing

"A Long Way from the Ritz"
                    in Forever Vacancy - Colors in Darkness

"Basque of the Red Death"
                     in Cinched: Imagination Unbound - Falstaff Media

"Prescription Refill"
                     in In The Questions: Poetry By and About Strong Women - Spider Road Press

                     in The Big Bad II - Kerlak/Dark Oak Publishing

“How It Feels on the Tongue”
                     in Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers - Spider Road Press

“The Death Bringer”
                     in The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil  -Kerlak/Dark Oak Publishing

“Clockwork Gin”
                     in Gadgets: Dreams of Steam III  -Kerlak/Dark Oak Publishing

                     in Women in Horror Month issue of Sirens Call Publications eZine

“Hag Ride”
                     in Steamy Screams -Blood Bound Books

“Infernal Proposal”
                     in Sinisterotica -Pill Hill Press

“The Omega File” with Darin Kennedy
                     in The Epocalypse: E-mails from the end  -Pill Hill Press

“Red Sun, Autumn Rose”
                     in Seasons in the Abyss -Blood Bound Books

“With the Turn of a Key”
                     in Dark Things V -Pill Hill Press

“Devil’s Playground”
                     in Strange Tales of Horror  -Norgus Press

                     in Daily Flash: 365 Days of Flash Fiction -Pill Hill Press

“French Roast”
                     in Cup of Joe: Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection -Wicked East Press

“Mourning Sickness”
                     in Daily Bites of Flesh -Pill Hill Press

“Finger Food”
                     in Bloody Carnival -Pill Hill Press

“9 Mystery Rose”
                    in Flesh and Bone: Rise of the Necromancers -Pill Hill Press
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